Maximize Your Cafe’s Profit Margins With Odeko’s Drink Calculator

Maximize Your Cafe’s Profit Margins With Odeko’s Drink Calculator

Olivia Hnatyshin 07.21.22

Comprehensive profit margins with the click of a button

At Odeko, we know that understanding the cost of goods sold (CGS) is one of the most important aspects of running your business. For coffee shops and cafes in particular, where pricing can change due to supply chain disruptions, local competition, consumer demand, or vary by manufacturer, calculating your CGS can feel overwhelming. To make it easier, we’ve built a
Coffee Calculator to help you understand your small business’ profit margins with an all-in-one tool. 

Use the Coffee Drink Calculator here

By being clear about your desired margin, you can adjust prices accordingly to make sure you’re meeting a bottom line that keeps your business thriving. While this bottom line looks different for everyone, we wanted to build a tool that can be customized for your needs. That’s why we built the Coffee Calculator! You can use the coffee calculator to create a new menu, test out potential seasonal offerings, or even validate your existing pricing structure in order to understand just how much profit you are making per drink order. 

How to use the Odeko Drink Calculator

On the main page, click the search bar to select the drink you would like to calculate costs for. In the new window, you can customize the drink to your liking by choosing the size of the beverage before building your recipe. Next, enter the cost of your ingredients, adjusting the quantities to match how your shop makes drinks, and you’ll see your margin update live. To share with your team, you can download your drink calculations, complete with the ingredient list to make supply ordering a breeze. Use the Coffee Calculator as many times as you would like, and rest easy knowing that Odeko is here to support your small business. 

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Written by Joel Agnes and Olivia Hnatyshin

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