Odeko builds mobile ordering and supply chain management software for coffee shops and cafés, with nightly delivery and restocking of cafe essentials. It’s our goal to help these small businesses increase their revenue, lower their expenses, and reduce their environmental footprint.

Supply - There are no fees associated with ordering supplies through Odeko.

Order Ahead - We charge a 5% fee on orders placed on our mobile or web apps. This fee includes payment processing.

Order minimums may apply. To avoid minimums, inquire about our loyalty program, Odeko Perks.

We carry an extensive catalog of goods, including alt milks, syrups, sauces, dairy, paper products, cleaning supplies, etc. For confirmation on specific SKUs or brands, please contact sales@odeko.com.

We accept ACH or Credit Cards.

Returns can be requested by reaching out to support@odeko.com, and requesting that a product be retrieved during your next delivery window. Once retrieved, a credit will be applied to your account in 7-10 business days. 

Pick up is allowed in most markets. For specific parameters, please contact sales@odeko.com.

To get started, visit https://portal.odeko.com/signup.

Great! Please contact sales@odeko.com for more information. We have a sample catalog available to get you started instantly. 

For delivery outside markets we service, please order through Barista Underground. Most orders are fulfilled in 1-2 business days.


Locations using Square as their POS provider, can receive and report Odeko mobile orders directly inside the Square POS app and Square Register.

If you have forgotten your password, please reach out to support@odeko.com and we will reset your account.