6 Brands Making the Beverage Industry More Sustainable

6 Brands Making the Beverage Industry More Sustainable

Olivia Hnatyshin 07.14.22

When choosing vendors to partner with and offer as part of our catalog, we take extra care in ensuring that our values and mission align with the companies we support. One of our most important values is our dedication to making the coffee industry more sustainable through reduced CO2 emissions, reusable and biodegradable packaging, and more. As we take the time to celebrate our planet year-round, read on to learn about some of our sustainably-minded vendors that we currently offer in our catalog.*

*Some vendors featured are currently only supporting specific markets.

Bear’s Fruit

Bear’s Fruit Kombucha is the brainchild of Amy Driscoll & Chris Hill, who met by chance in 2016 at a party neither were invited to. Proudly made in Brooklyn, NY, Bear’s Fruit is the only certified Organic & Fair Trade kombucha in the United States. In addition to working towards being carbon neutral, Bear’s Fruit composts the remaining whole fruit from their kombucha batches, and exclusively uses biodegradable, corn-based packaging for shipping across the nation.

Dona Tea

Amy Rothstein has always loved tea - so much so, that in 2014 she started Dona Tea with the intention of creating delicious teas and concentrates from sustainable, organic ingredients. In addition to bringing more attention to the equity of the tea and spice trade, for every order of chai concentrate sold, $1 is donated to local non-profit Chhaya Development Corporation, which works to support South Asian & Indo-Caribbean New Yorkers.


In the early 1910s, Frenchman and small-town manufacturer Georges Monin was searching for something to serve as an after-dinner drink...and not finding anything to be up to par. Known for their flavorful syrups and over 100 years in business, Monin sources flavors from all over the world while maintaining sustainable practices. Since 2008, Monin has recycled their syrup with Bayshore Bees, helping to sustain the bee population during flower shortages.


Myracle Kitchen

Ben Arbib founded Nurture Brands with the goal of creating better-for-you food and drink with sustainability in mind. Now, Myracle Kitchen creates plant-based Mylk that is free from dairy, cane sugar, artificial ingredients, and generally all of the “bad stuff” we’ve been told to avoid. A certified B Corporation, Myracle Kitchen donates 1% of their revenue to projects supporting regenerative agriculture, all while being 100& carbon neutral. 


Founded by Swedish scientists in the early 1990s, Oatly makes it easy for people to eat better and live healthier lives without recklessly taxing the planet in the process. Between aiming to shift 2.9 billion liters from cow’s dairy to Oatly’s oat milk between 2019 and 2025, using the oat-fiber byproduct from their factories to produce renewable energy in New Jersey and Utah, and offering grants to fund sustainability work at small coffee businesses, Oatly changing the milk industry for good. 

Two Leaves and a Bud

Richard Rosenfeld discovered his love of tea while traveling for business in Asia, only to be bummed by tea quality back home in the United States. Self-proclaimed to be “notoriously picky”, his company, Two Leaves and a Bud, is passionate about sourcing tea that comes from sustainable, organic gardens, as well as choosing compostable and biodegradable packaging that keeps their tea fresh without ending up in a landfill.

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