How Odeko Cuts Carbon Emissions by 66% With Overnight Deliveries

How Odeko Cuts Carbon Emissions by 66% With Overnight Deliveries

Brittany Olsson 07.14.22

Odeko’s vision is to help small businesses in the cafe and coffee industry save time, money, and the planet. When it comes to time and money, our supply platform and catalog are built with the neighborhood coffee shop owner in mind. When it comes to saving the planet, however, we highlight our ability to reduce your carbon footprint - but how exactly do we do that?

Why CO2?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities, including vehicular, air, marine, and rail transportation. In 2020, CO2 accounted for about 79% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, which aid in accelerating climate change. Currently, the most effective way to reduce CO2 emissions is through the reduction of fossil fuel use, an example of which is by encouraging less cars to be on the road at any given time.

What’s the industry average?

On average, most local coffee shops and cafes have vendors delivering paper goods, baked pastries, coffee beans, and other supplies multiple times a week, often using different trucks and drivers depending on the items being dropped off. Based on the frequency of deliveries, we can estimate that for each delivery received an average of 1 mile’s worth of fuel was burned, which is equivalent to about 0.5-1 pound of CO2. To take it one step further, consider this: if a coffee shop has 3 vendors delivering supplies 2 times per week, that would be about 6 pounds of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, or about 312 pounds of CO2 per year.

What does Odeko do differently?

Odeko’s warehouses have everything cafes and coffee shops need, from syrups to alternative milks, paper goods, and more. By consolidating their orders with Odeko, small businesses can easily reduce their CO2 emissions while still getting everything they need to keep their shop running smoothly. For example, if a coffee shop typically uses three different vendors with deliveries twice a week, as described above, but they make the switch to Odeko, their CO2 emissions would drastically decrease. Instead of 6 pounds of CO2 emitted weekly, instead only 2 pounds would be emitted into the atmosphere, if twice weekly deliveries remained necessary. That’s a decrease of over 66%, or ⅓ of the CO2! 

How does my order get delivered at night?

By delivering supplies, milks, and baked goods overnight, we are not only setting cafes and coffee shops up for success by allowing them to open with everything they need already in place, but we are wasting less time idling in traffic. Here’s how the Odeko delivery process works:

  1. Customers submit their order through our supply portal. 
  2. Once received, we use our own routing software to schedule out our deliveries for the night. This ensures that we are as efficient as possible, allowing us to designate certain trucks to certain areas.
  3. After our delivery routes have been determined, the Odeko warehouse team packs each shop’s order into the corresponding delivery van.
  4. One packed, our delivery drivers spend the night delivering to the cafe’s on their route. To make each delivery, our drivers are given a key or code to the shop and follow detailed instructions as to where each item is placed (including refrigerated goods). Once complete, our drivers lock up and continue on their route.

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