Odeko Adds Mobile Ordering To Its All-In-One Cafe Operations Platform

Odeko Adds Mobile Ordering To Its All-In-One Cafe Operations Platform

Davin Chew 07.14.22

Odeko Merges With Cloosiv To Reimagine Mobile Ordering

In late 2020, Odeko took the first step towards building the only connected supply and demand platform for small businesses by merging with the Charlotte-based start up Cloosiv. Cloosiv offered solutions to close the gap between customers and cafes created during the pandemic. Customers still wanted a way to grab their favorite local cup and support local businesses safely. Cloosiv (now Odeko’s Order Ahead App, available on both Apple’s App Store and Android Store) found major success in supporting small businesses during this challenging time, processing nearly $2.5 million in gross merchandise value on their mobile ordering app during the height of the pandemic.

In the meantime, Odeko was focused on creating a technology platform to help coffee shops streamline, optimize and centralize ordering to stay ahead of costs during the challenging times small business owners faced. While times have changed, and our technology has evolved, our vision is unwavering: develop smart operations software to make it easier for local business owners to run and grow their businesses. The merger with Cloosiv was — and continues to be — an essential part of the Odeko story. 


Order Ahead and Rewards Built For Local Shops

The Odeko Order Ahead platform provides a critical element for achieving this vision. Today, small businesses can tap into the growing market of consumers that expect digital order ahead options and allow them to compete with big brands through a fully equipped digital platform that rivals Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Complete with a user-friendly mobile experience, mobile payments and a loyalty program, our app pushes customers to support nearby local cafes and rewards them for doing so. To top it off, cafés can seamlessly integrate Odeko orders into their workflow through our Square point-of-sale integration.

Going forward, Odeko has the opportunity to develop a data-driven technology platform that drives synergy across Odeko’s Order Ahead and Marketplace offerings. Imagine a future where cafe owners have a personalized end-to-end view of their cafe’s operations, integrated inventory management with ordering recommendations backed by menu and sales insights. In addition, Odeko plans to offer more customer engagement features to café partners, helping them build their brand by allowing them to highlight what makes them unique and digitizing in-person experiences. 

What’s Next For Mobile Ordering

On the coffee sipper side, we will continue to develop features to make Odeko the all-in-one café concierge - with more functionality to help customers find and support local cafés in their area, no matter where their travels may take them. We plan to make our stellar rewards program even better, with predictable points-based rewards and personalized in-app experiences. 

You may have noticed we’ve been quiet recently! We have been hard at work rebuilding and rebranding our mobile apps to be more stable and performant while collecting an enormous amount of feedback from our café partners and coffee drinkers. We are excited to deliver innovative product offerings that delight customers and give small business owners time to focus on enriching our communities. 

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Written by Brit Anderson + Davin Chew

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