5 Perfect Winter Drinks You Can Find In Odeko Cities

5 Perfect Winter Drinks You Can Find In Odeko Cities

Ian Gunn 11.15.22

Bundle up and step into some of our favorite cozy cafes around the country as we sample some delicious winter drinks of different varieties. From sweet indulgent drinks to can’t-get-enough classic options, we’re excited to share with you what these cafes have been serving. Can’t visit them? No problem—these drinks will inspire you to make your very own wintry drinks.


Ginger Molasses Latte

Who: Scout’s Coffee Bar + Mercantile | @scoutscoffeebar

Where: 11 Main St, High Bridge, NJ

For the guest who: is feeling adventurous

Flavor Notes: A welcome spicy and warm addition to the classic latte. The ginger compliments a hot beverage well—and it’s perfect for a cold day. Pro tip: add the ginger powder and molasses to your milk of choice and quickly steam to get the best incorporation. 




White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Latte

Who: Home Coffee Roasters | @homesf

Where: 1222 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA

For the guest who: wants a unique treat

Flavor Notes: Nuttiness is on full display with this excellent winter drink. White chocolate and macadamia nut come together to make this sweet latte a unique treat. 



Maple Spice Latte 

Who: Full Commission | @fullcommissionatl

Where: 519 Memorial Dr. SE C-01, Atlanta, GA

For the guest who: loves trees 

Flavor Notes: Maple syrup and espresso go together like—you know the rest. The piney bite of maple with a garnish of cinnamon elevates this latte to the next level. Just add a warm scone or a croissant.


Pumpkin Oat Latte

Who: Feel Good Coffee Lounge | @fgcoffeelounge

Where: 13750 NW 107th Ave Suite 112, Hialeah Gardens, FL

For the guest who: needs to relax

Flavor Thoughts: Oat milk balances out the pumpkin, making it reminiscent of homemade pastries and pies from childhood. This pumpkin oat latte is the perfect comfort drink to get cozy with. 



Gingerbread Baby

Who: Feel Love | @feellovecoffee

Where:  210 E 4th St, Loveland, CO 

For the guest who: is feeling wintery

Flavor Thoughts: Like a post-holiday meal dessert in coffee form. This one is decadent, subtle, and sweet. Pair it with a cookie or some sourdough bread. 


Feeling inspired? Head on over to one of these shops to try out a drink, or make it yourself at your cafe!

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