'Brewed by Dallas' Live Art Installation Unveiled at Reunion Tower Using 1,400 Cups of Coffee

'Brewed by Dallas' Live Art Installation Unveiled at Reunion Tower Using 1,400 Cups of Coffee


DALLAS, Oct. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- This weekend, Odeko launched into Dallas by recreating the city's iconic skyline out of 1,400 Planet+ compostable cups of coffee.

Created in collaboration with local mural artist Kyle Wadsworth (Murals by Kyle), the 8 feet by 11 feet installation took eight hours to create and consisted of six different shades of coffee, brewed by independent local coffee shops Cuppa Espresso Bar, Fiction Coffee and Pax & Beneficia.

The installation, which was creatively timed to celebrate International Coffee Day on October 1, came to life in front of the iconic Reunion Tower. Made using various ratios of coffee and dairy, oat and almond milk, the end result celebrated the multiple ways Dallasites take their coffee and the power of independents coming together to support the local community.

"The Big D is serving up some very exciting things in the coffee space, and what better way to celebrate than by recreating the iconic skyline," said Dane Atkinson, Founder and CEO of Odeko. "We look forward to helping independent coffee shops in Dallas continue to thrive and to relieve some of their stress on the back end."

"I've been creating installations with clients for over 20 years," said Kyle Wadsworth, mural artist. I'm drawn to projects that serve true purpose, and help to drive my local community forward, so partnering with Odeko for 'Brewed by Dallas' was a no brainer!"

Founded in 2019, Odeko helps independent businesses cut supply costs by up to 21%, saving owners on average up to 10 hours per week of their own time, and reducing carbon emissions by up to 66%. Odeko customers, primarily independent coffee shop and cafe owners, have access to both well-known and locally produced brands at competitive pricing, in-app mobile ordering for customers, and delivery five to seven days a week with no hidden fees or delivery minimums.

The mobile order ahead functionality provides another point of connection between the cafe and its customer, enabling coffee lovers to use the Odeko app to pre-order from their favorite local spots or discover new coffee shops they haven't tried before.

Odeko also limits the stress of supply chain shortages by offering over 400 preferred brands and a variety of options in stock, including many popular alternative milk options. The Odeko platform currently supports 10,000 independent coffee shops and cafes across 16 markets, most recently expanding into Portland in August.

With each new market launch, Odeko hosts a Latte Art Throwdown in partnership with Espresso State of Mind to bring together the coffee community and amplify baristas' latte art skills through spirited competition. The Latte Art Throwdown for the Dallas launch will be hosted on October 5 at Merit Coffee Co. on Main Street. The winners of the competition will receive cash prizes from a $1,000 pool. Anyone in the Dallas area is welcome to attend and can RSVP on the Eventbrite page.

Independent coffee shop and cafe owners in the Dallas area can sign up and learn more through the Odeko website. Customers can begin ordering from participating coffee shops and cafes in the coming weeks via the Odeko mobile app available for iPhone and Android. For more information, please visit https://www.odeko.com/.

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About Odeko:

Odeko is an all-in-one operations partner that helps independent businesses save what matters most: money, time and the planet. Its smart operations software optimizes supply chain management, empowering businesses to order exactly what they need from over 400 national and local brands, delivered direct-to-fridge and shop, five to seven days a week. Odeko offers an order ahead functionality through its app and online for consumers looking to pre-order from their favorite local coffee shops and cafes. Odeko's mission is to help small businesses increase their revenue, lower their expenses, and reduce their environmental footprint.

Founded in 2019 by CEO and founder Dane Atkinson, Odeko is already in 16 markets and supplies 10,000 independent coffee shops and cafes.

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